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Get updated with all necessary information for our wedding ceremony

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Below is a list of all that you need to know to have a beautiful time before, during, and after the wedding of John and Amaka (AJLoveAdventure24)


For some passport holders, Nigeria will be visa free. For British passport holders and a few others, it is not visa free. But the good news is, you can get a visa on arrival. We would need to help you process that before hand. By the time you fly into the country, you will have your visa stamped in at the airport. Not sure if you require a visa on arrival? Contact Samson


We have some recommended hotels for your stay in Lagos. Should you need help with your reservation, kindly contact Samson.
For your stay in the east, hotels have been pre-booked. Contact Samson to get your pre-booked room.


For our local attendants already within the country, it is advisable to arrive in Anambra on the 26th of January.
For our international friends, it is advisable to arrive in Nigeria on the 24th of January.
For clarity, simply book your flight to Lagos and then book your local flight from Lagos to Anambra for the 26th of January and a return leg back to Lagos for the 29th of January. Feel free to return to your home country any day after this date.
Samson will liaise with all international travellers to welcome them at the airport and get them checked into a hotel in Lagos. Should you need transport whilst in Lagos, Uber is available. Alternatively, Samson can assist with alternative arrangements.
Whilst in the East, JV will cater to all your local transport needs. He will have cars and buses moving people around and he will pick you up from the local airport.

What to Wear

You can wear a touch of any of our colours for the day: Emerald green, Mint green and Burnt Orange. Also, the traditional attires would be worn during the traditional ceremony and the In-laws lik up the following day. Finally for the dinner, we would love to see you on your dinner outfits looking sweet.

Support / Help Desk

Should you need further assistance or clarification on any of the above, contact Samson via WhatsApp on +447404413777.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re attending the wedding from outside Nigeria, you should book your flight 15 to 20 days ahead. The latest date to book your flight is 10th January, 2024.

Nigeria is open for visits and obtaining an entry visa could not be any easier. Should you require a visa on arrival, Please contact Samson on WhatsApp via or +447404413777

If you need assistance with accommodation, kindly contact Samson on and he’d provide you with some of our recommendations for an hotel in Lagos. However, accommodation in the east have been sorted and will be allocated on arrival.

  1. Take a flight to Lagos, Nigeria. All guests should endeavour to arrive on or before  25th January, 2024.
  2. Once you have arrived check into any hotel of your choice or our recommended hotel.
  3. On the 26th January 2024, take a 45 minutes flight from either Lagos to Anambra airport or Lagos to Asaba  airport. A team will be waiting at the  airport to pick you and take you to your hotel.
  4. Throughout your stay in our host city (Anambra) we will provide guests with transportation options. Cars and Buses will be available at your hotel.

All guest should arrive at the east (Anambra) on the 26th January, 2024.